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Trafford Head 2024 - Additional Information

We are looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday racing on the historic Bridgewater Canal - the oldest canal in England.


Please share the following with your competitors



Walton Park, along with most of the UK, is very wet underfoot and there are large deep puddles around the site. Whilst you do not need wellies for boating (we have the world’s longest landing stage!) sturdy shoes or wellies would probably be sensible to wear on site. If you wear sliders you will be in wet socks all day.


There is a large area within the model railway where boats can be built and stored and gazebos can be put up if you have them.

Please keep the walkways clear for other park users.


Unusual Obstacle in the water

For those on the long course we have an additional obstacle in the water. A car entered the canal a few weeks ago and unfortunately still has not been removed. It is around 1250m from the finish and away from the racing line but something to be aware of - we will be marshaling around it in case.



There will be great food available all day. A BBQ next to our boathouse and hot drinks / food / cake available in the Scout Hut. We also have the Walton Perk Cafe Barge next to the park who we are good friends with but money spent there will not raise much needed funds for the club.



The biggest threat to running the event in future will be inconsiderate parking. Last year numerous local residents called the police and multiple complaints were made to Trafford Council who we have to work with to host the event. There will be no on site parking but this year we have agreed additional parking off site at the Life Centre and Woodheys club but those who end up parking on the streets please just be aware and considerate of our neighbours. There is plenty of parking if you are willing to walk a few hundred meters.


Local Overtaking Rule

All competitors will notice that the canal is not very wide, in many places it is not possible for overtaking and in others it is very tight. For this reason we have marshals along the canal whose job it is to pull slower boats into the side to stop crashes. We have produced a video to explain this process. PLEASE don’t ignore marshals - as the video says it will lose you a few seconds but crashing will lose a lot more.



As part of the club’s commitment to mental health, we are happy to announce that Samaritans will be at Trafford Head this year to offer face-to-face emotional support to volunteers, rowers, families, and friends attending the event. There is no topic that is seen as too small or big for them to handle and they will be happy to provide support to anyone who would like this on the day. They will have a confidential space to speak to a volunteer. Even if we have friends and family to talk to, sometimes it’s just easier to talk to a stranger. If you have any questions please get in touch with Trafford Welfare on 07990113867 or


Samaritans will be there from 10:30 - 14:30.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the day

Graham Whistance

Chair of the Race Committee

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