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Junior Rowstart

Next courses will run in summer 2024:

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Rowstart Mission

The aim of the junior Rowstart course is to develop basic rowing skills and competence in the rowing boat for those who have never rowed before.

By the end of the course the junior rower will be able to:

  • Go afloat independently

  • Land the boat independently

  • Complete the basic rowing stroke

  • Understand how to set up and adjust their position in the boat

  • Carry equipment safely

  • Turn the boat 360 degrees

RowStart Structure

We run RowStart over the course of the school holidays. The course consists of 4 days - Monday - Thursday, 3 hours per day, all lead by our coaches and many of our current juniors who love to help out. The cost is £150 per person with a heavily discounted rate for low income families. We have a maximum of 8 participants on each course (we try where possible to make groups similar age groups and mixed). 

On completion of RowStart

The club typically take on new members in September. Our aim would be that those who want to compete would be prepared to row in their first competition (the club's own event hosted on the Bridgewater canal) in February. 

For more information on RowStart or if you have any questions on the above, please contact us at 

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